February 26th, 2011


Poem for Saturday, 'STV: The Final Frontier', Aquarium

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I have no idea how it got to be 11:30...this Friday just flew by. We had a rainy morning, then high winds in the afternoon that caused fallen trees and power lines all around the area, though very thankfully not here -- we just lost the internet for a few minutes, though some of my programs have been flaky all day. It took me till late in the evening to get my review of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier posted...not one of my better ones because it's definitely not one of the franchise's better movies, but I refuse not to love it anyway.

I got to take a walk despite the iffy weather and it was glorious -- not too cold, rather exhilarating in the wind. We had dinner with my parents, then came home for Smallville, which continues its trend of being wonderful this season -- Collapse ) Then, even though I don't watch the show, we left on Supernatural's "Visit To a Weird Planet" episode, which was enormous fun even for a non-fan like me (Misha Collins tweeting for the WIN). I appreciated the Hercules-Xena versions of these more because I was more familiar with the writing and production staffs, but Jensen and Jared's willingness to make fun of themselves and their careers is really quite delightful. I ran so late that I have only a couple of not-great National Aquarium central tank photos tonight:

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