March 5th, 2011


Poem for Saturday, 'The Undiscovered Country,' Longwood Spring

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I had to play with my Superpoke penguin this morning because last night in the new item release, they had an Academy Awards habitat with little Colin Firth and Natalie Portman-inspired plushies. Then I had a whole bunch of work to do, of which I absolutely had to finish a review of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. I must have the most unpopular views of any Trek fan reviewer ever, because as much as I adore the first and fifth movies, that's how much I dislike the sixth. I was bothered by it even more this time around -- apart from the undeniable joy of Shakespeare in the original Klingon, there's not much for which I can work up any enthusiasm. On a related note, since it's so relevant this week:

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We had dinner with my parents -- my mother brought in California Tortilla, which neither of my parents likes much, but my immediate family loves -- then we came home to watch Smallville, which I enjoyed when it was Lionel and Tess having an Uther-Morgana moment but loathed when it was Lois having a Lana Lang "somebody save me" moment. I am bummed that the show will now be off the air till mid-April, but I read a spoiler today about who was on the set for the filming of the finale that makes up for nearly everything -- plus had the price of the season nine set dropped to $18, so I ordered it. Collapse )

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