March 9th, 2011

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Poem for Wednesday, Longwood Orchids, Banger Sisters

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We had gorgeous weather on Tuesday, for which I am grateful because I already have a flood watch alert from the county for Thursday even though the storm is two days away. I mostly did work that had to be done indoors, then I folded laundry and watched The Banger Sisters which dementordelta loaned to me. I hadn't seen it before because although I usually adore Susan Sarandon, I usually don't like Goldie Hawn, and I thought Geoffrey Rush had a much smaller role than he does; it's all kinds of wonderful and I'd say that even if Geoffrey Rush wasn't in it, I love all the women and their relationships (the daughters as well as Vinnie and Suzette), I like that it really doesn't vilify anyone for making bad choices -- the men as well as the women, but particularly the women since women are so often judged more harshly in movies, and the men are less dimensional anyway, even if it's all a bit over-the-top farcical at times.

Which applies to Glee too, which actually moved me this week and I am so sorry to say that a song with which Gwyneth Paltrow is involved is my favorite so far this season. Sure, it's partly because Santana and Britney do justice to my adored Stevie Nicks, but it's mostly the backstory: Collapse ) apaulled made vegetarian gumbo for dinner and we had king cake (store-bought, but still good), so it was a nice Mardi Gras even though we only celebrate it as a festival of all things New Orleans with occasional Brazilian Carnival elements, rather than as a feast before Lent. When I walked in the woods while younger son was at tennis, I saw four deer and many dozen robins in the field in front of the courts, so I know spring is nearby, yay! Here are some photos from Longwood Gardens, indoor orchids, in anticipation of outdoor flowers soon:

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