March 10th, 2011


Poem for Thursday, More Longwood Gardens

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I spent lots of Wednesday in the mall, but that was fine because I had very nice company -- first my mother for lunch, since it was her birthday, then gblvr and wolfshark. I had yogurt with my mom and went into a couple of stores but behaved, then I had Indian for dinner and bought a pair of $24 sandals and a $2 St. Patrick's Day charm bracelet while shopping in the evening. I did not accomplish a great deal otherwise, besides taking a nice walk in the woods and yelling bad words every time I checked the news headlines, which went from That Sucks to Oh Man That Sucks.

In the evening we watched Star Trek: Generations, since I get to move on to the Next Gen movies now...I must confess that it was a lot better than I had remembered, and if it's true that William Shatner can never appear in RebooTrek because J.J. Abrams can't figure out how to bring Original Kirk back to life, then I can't even regret his death. Here are some more Longwood Gardens flowers and fruit, since I keep running out of time to take or crop new photos (and the weather is supposed to be a nightmare tomorrow):

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