March 11th, 2011

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Poem for Friday and National Aquarium Rainforest

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The weather was miserable in my area today -- not cold, but it rained, poured, and deluged us, so that at dinnertime the county was under a tornado warning and our sump pump was working continuously. Nevertheless I went out for a lovely lunch with my friend Stephanie, whom I have known since high school but have mostly seen annually at our mutual friend Linda's Super Bowl party, which we keep saying is silly and we should get together more often but then kids and work and stuff get in the way! We ate at Tara Thai (where the food was great but it beat out Lebanese Taverna in part because of the covered parking), and talked for about two hours -- it was really lovely and we must do it again much more often.

I tried to pick up Adam from the bus stop -- Daniel had robotics, and is going to the NC tournament so he is happy -- but Adam didn't have his phone on and cut through the neighborhood, so I completely missed him. I got a bit of work done in the afternoon, took a brief walk (dratted rain), giggled at the Daily Mail Colin Firth knighthood article, cheered that the Terps beat North Carolina State in the first round of the ACC tournament though this means they'll have to play Duke. Adam needed to watch a movie for his photography class and ended up picking The Matrix, which the kids had never seen all the way through -- I wouldn't let them last time they asked because it's R-rated, though I think there's worse violence now in PG13 movies. I hadn't seen it in years and it holds up really, really well -- we sat there listing more recent sci-fi from X-Files to Avatar to Inception that swiped from it. Here are some photos from the National Aquarium's South American rainforest:

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