March 13th, 2011

green little review

Poem for Sunday and Mount Vernon Lambs

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When we weren't watching the news and hoping along with the rest of the world that there will be no more aftershocks and the Fukushima nuclear reactor won't have a meltdown, we dropped Daniel off at robotics and took Adam to Mount Vernon, which had several lambs born since the beginning of this month and had them outside with their mothers. It was a beautiful day, quite warm and sunny in the afternoon after an overcast morning, and since there were many large tour groups -- probably spring break tourists -- we bypassed the house tour and walked through the gardens and farms, where we got to see the lambs plus pigs, cows, chickens, and a pair of wild osprey building a nest in a tree by the Mount Vernon wharf.

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We had stopped to get groceries when Daniel called to say the kids had been asked to leave the high school earlier than we'd expected, so we went straight from there to pick him up, then came home and had peanut soup for dinner (because being at Mount Vernon always makes me crave peanut soup -- they sell wonderful Virginia peanuts there). In the evening we watched The Matrix: Revolutions, which I've never actually made it all the way through before; it's much more violent than the previous two, relentlessly so, and I don't like how much of the movie ignores Neo and how little Trinity gets to do, though again I enjoyed playing "count the scenes Cameron/Bay/Wimmer/Nolan stole from" and Hugo Weaving is enormous fun to watch.