March 28th, 2011


Poem for Monday and Brookside in Blossom

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My in-laws came from Hanover to have a belated birthday lunch with Paul and to see the kids now that Daniel is finished with the robotics competition. So after Adam got home from Hebrew school, we went to Minerva's Indian buffet in Gaithersburg, where I ate far too many masala eggs, dal, Bombay potatoes, and lots of other things. Then we went to Brookside Gardens, which was having an Ikebana display in the visitor center -- not as many examples as we've seen at the National Arboretum during their seasonal displays, but many beautiful arrangements with cherry blossoms and tulips now that they're starting to bloom. It was cooler than Saturday and we did get a dusting of the forecast snow, but it was a beautiful, sunny afternoon, and we saw lots of geese, turtles, and birds around the pond at Brookside.

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Since we were all stuffed from lunch and the red velvet cake my in-laws brought, we had sandwiches for dinner very late while watching The Simpsons. Then we watched Mildred Pierce on HBO, which is very well-acted -- I always like Kate Winslet, and is there any accent Guy Pearce can't do completely convincingly? -- but I didn't love the novel or the Joan Crawford movie, melodrama is just not my genre, and I'm not sure I can love a five-part miniseries no matter how well it's done. Next week I won't be watching when it airs because The Borgias premieres in the time slot, and I'm afraid Jeremy Irons may trump even Kate Winslet for me. My in-laws made sure I knew that UConn's women had beaten Georgetown, which is all to the good, and huzzah for VCU, I love a local Cinderella story!