April 1st, 2011


Poem for Friday, Longwood and Winterthur

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The county schools were closed on Thursday for the end of the marking period, so Paul took the day off, dementordelta came over, and we drove up to the Brandywine Valley for a lovely if drizzly afternoon in the gardens. We made a short stop first at the Delaware Museum of Natural History, which is right across the street from Winterthur and which currently has a live tarantula exhibit -- 20 tarantulas plus some other venomous arachnids, plus lots of information about them and about spiders in general -- plus the exhibits of dinosaurs and sea life that we visited briefly before heading to Winterthur for lunch in their garden cafeteria. Then we walked through the March Bank, Enchanted Garden, and various other parts of the woods; the shuttles weren't running because of the weather, but it was only barely drizzling while we were there.

We went on the briefest of the house tours, meaning we mostly saw rooms we'd been in before, though we always learn something new and there are always different flowers and furniture covers on display. Then we went to Longwood Gardens in heavier rain, meaning we spent most of our time there in the conservatory, but since the tulip beds aren't in bloom yet and it's much too early for azaleas, I don't think we missed much outdoors. There are blue poppies in several of the conservatory flower beds and still some orchids from the previous orchid display, plus many wildflowers in the rooms that used to grow fruit, hundreds of roses and hibiscus, and gorgeous color in the East Conservatory. We stopped at a Subway for dinner and watched Easy Virtue on the portable DVD player in the car on the way home.

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Happy April Fool's Day...I have no good pranks at the moment, sorry!