April 2nd, 2011


Poem for Saturday, Longwood Gardens, 'Nemesis'

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Friday was filled with a bunch of aggravation from many different fronts -- not my kids, who are astonishingly more mature about many things than many of the adults I know, but too many other people. I had some small happy moments (nobody played any serious April Fools tricks around here, the Orioles won their season opener, it stopped raining in the afternoon so I could walk in the woods) and I posted a review of Star Trek: Nemesis, meaning that I am now truly done reviewing Star Trek: The Next Generation and it's time to move on -- or rather, back -- to the Animated Series.

We had dinner with my parents -- Greek food, I had eggplant parmesan, yay -- then watched the newest Celtic Woman concert on PBS, since they always make me happy. Then we watched Starz's Camelot, which I enjoyed far more than I was expecting. The revamped plot is about what I was expecting (too much violence, gratuitous sex, none of Merlin's charm in its revisionism, unimpressive if scenery-chewing women's roles), but the cast is very enjoyable -- I knew Joseph Fiennes and Jamie Campbell Bower were in it, but not that Philip Winchester aka Crusoe was playing the Lancelot character, nor that Tamsin Egerton from the St Trinians movies was playing Guinevere, and Eva Green is quite entertaining with the very limited stuff they give her to work with. And James Purefoy's naked arse in a pilot is never a bad thing no matter how evil a character he's playing.

Some more Longwood Gardens conservatory photos:

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