April 4th, 2011

get critical

Poem for Monday, Colvin Mill, Meadowlark Gardens

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Daniel didn't have to go to robotics today because the team could only get into the school building for a couple of hours, so once Adam got finished volunteering at Hebrew school, we took both boys to Colvin Run Mill in Great Falls, Virginia, where we checked out the flowers, the general store, and the mill, though the water wheel wasn't turned on and we didn't stay for the full mill tour. There were geese by the stream and little songbirds nesting in the mill bricks, plus a large vulture perched on the chimney of the historic house. From there we went to nearby Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna, which was quite crowded because the park has many cherry blossoms, but it also has a path through a bog with geese and turtles, a Korean Bell Garden, dozens of flower beds around a pond with koi, and a visitor center with frogs and snakes. Far more tulips are open in that garden than anywhere I've seen outdoors in Maryland so far.

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My parents invited us for pizza since they won't see Daniel later in the week -- he's traveling to North Carolina for a robotics regional match, and is excited both for the competition and because he has finally ordered a new laptop that's expected to arrive in the next day. So we had dinner there, then came home and watched the first two episodes of The Borgias, which reminds me a great deal of The Tudors with slightly less explicit sex in these early episodes. There aren't any female characters who immediately jump out as extraordinary (Lucrezia Borgia is promising and the actress who plays her looks uncannily like Amanda Seyfried, but she's still fairly young and innocent), but it's entertaining if historically distorted, and Jeremy Irons is definitely enjoying chewing his scenery, though the delectable François Arnaud almost steals the show as his son. Will definitely be tuning in for part two of this (we postponed part two of Mildred Pierce for this).