April 8th, 2011

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Poem for Friday, Tarantulas, Nikita

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I don't have a lot of excitement to report from my Thursday, other than some work got done and some kind of flying stinging insects (I don't think they're bees) have apparently made a nest in our hollow wind chimes on the deck. I learned this when Adam went out looking for insects to photograph with his new macro adapter; he had some problems with lighting and focus, but I have confidence in his ability to work these out, since he's worked out pretty much everything from books and web tutorials. One of his photos has been chosen for a Congressional art competition for high school students, and on Monday, he gets to go see his work on display and pick up a certificate from our congressman. Daniel is still in North Carolina at the robotics competition, where his team apparently had some problems today because they left a part back in Maryland, though it sounds like he's having a good time, anyway.

The weather was magnificent here, barely 70 degrees and breezy, perfect day to be in the woods, though I share everyone's stress about the earthquake in Japan and the impending government shutdown which is going to affect a lot of people I know (most of them won't be furloughed -- they do essential jobs -- but they won't get paid when they're supposed to, it's insane). We watched the new episode of Nikita -- can I just come out and confess that I like this Michael better than I ever liked Roy Dupuis' Michael, and I've loved Maggie Q from the start, now if only Melinda Clarke's Amanda could hold a candle to Alberta Watson's Madeline, this might actually be a reboot that worked for me on every level -- then we watched the 1931 Frankenstein since we wanted to record it off cable, and it was as over the top as I remembered.

Whenever I post photos of spiders, I get complaints if I don't warn that there will be spiders (though they're always tagged). So please take heed: after the first photo from the entrance of the exhibit at the Delaware Museum of Natural History, the remaining photos are of live tarantulas there. I love them, but don't click if you are afraid of photos of spiders!

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