April 10th, 2011

green little review

Poem for Sunday and Bluebells

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We spent Saturday morning watching Daniel's robotics team on the internet feed from the competition in North Carolina. They were in first place at the start of the elimination rounds, but in the quarterfinals and semifinals the teams form alliances, so mistakes by other teams can affect scores, and they had some bad luck in the quarterfinals when their allies broke a rule, then they had some bad luck in the semifinals, so they won't be going to the national competition, but they won the competition's spirit award and their captain won an award too.

In the mid-afternoon, we went to Great Falls and Riverbend Parks in Virginia to see bluebells, which are only out for a couple of weeks each spring, but there are carpets of them particularly at Riverbend. We saw ducks, geese, coots (which Adam calls blub ducks), cormorants, herons, and lots of songbirds and squirrels, plus some snakes in the nature center. We didn't hike as much at Great Falls, which was rather muddy after all the rain on Friday, but the river was high and the falls were dramatic, plus there were many colorful little wildflowers and plants with wet leaves. Younger son took this lovely photo.

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Paul decided to make peanut soup for dinner, which always makes me happy -- we had it with Swedish rye bread and cheese. Then we were going to put on the next part of Mildred Pierce, but as much as I like Kate Winslet, I was not in the mood for melodrama. We ended up watching The Young Victoria, which none of the men in my family had seen; it's still a bit fluffy but has lovely performances, even if Paul Bettany is far too young and good looking to be a believable Lord Melbourne. I think my favorite character is Jim Broadbent's William IV. Now we are waiting for Daniel to return from his robotics trip, which will likely not be till midnight.