April 19th, 2011


Poem for Tuesday and Passover

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This will be a quickie because dementordelta is here and we are watching The Prince of Egypt in honor of Passover, which we celebrated along with my family and Paul's parents at my parents' house (and I am so stuffed I am going to explode -- matzah, haroset, soup, salad, veggie meatballs, potato pancakes, carrot souffle, several desserts). Early in the day my father took Adam to play tennis while Daniel and I watched Doctor Who's "Tooth and Claw" and I folded laundry -- I was in a Queen Victoria mood.

Then I took both kids to the dentist for their semiannual appointments (and discussed how soon each of them has to have his wisdom teeth removed, sigh). And then we came home to wait for my in-laws and went out for the Seder. Now Adam is sleeping over a friend's again and Daniel is counting down the minutes till Portal 2 comes out. Meanwhile on Tuesday, Delta and I are planning to spend all day watching The King's Speech on DVD and all the extras and The Real King's Speech from Discovery and Colin and Geoffrey at TIFF and recovering from our overeating!

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