April 20th, 2011

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Poem for Wednesday, TKS DVD, National Zoo

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I spent a perfectly delightful Tuesday with dementordelta, largely uninterrupted by my children because although it's spring break, Adam had slept over at a friend's house and was there till 4 p.m., while Daniel downloaded Portal 2 in the morning and spent pretty much the entire day playing it. Delta and I got up and went out to Best Buy to get The King's Speech on DVD, then came back to my house and watched it with Tom Hooper's commentary on, plus the special features, the highlights of which for me were Lionel Logue's grandson saying Collapse )

Then, since we were on a roll, we watched the documentary Britain's Nazi King?, plus Geoffrey Rush's The Tailor of Panama and Colin Firth's Where the Truth Lies (courtesy the awesome sfaith). Is there any other Oscar winning actor who has played as many canonically gay characters as Colin -- and that's not even counting films like Dorian Gray and the two St Trinian's movies, not to mention the fact that David Seidler thinks Colin's interpretation of The King's Speech is Brokeback Mountain in the Palace. After Delta finally had to go home, my family watched Glee, which only barely held my interest even musically but made me howl with the Wallis Simpson reference -- Collapse ) Here are some zoo photos from the weekend:

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I was very sad to hear about the deaths of Elisabeth Sladen and Grete Waitz -- the former in particular because The Sarah Jane Adventures is my favorite of all New Who spinoffs and she seemed like a really lovely person as well as performer, but I remember watching Waitz winning marathons all through my teens as well. Hope people are coping with the various insane weather in various parts of the U.S. all right.