April 24th, 2011


Greetings from Columbus

This will be another quickie after a delightful evening with my friend Siobhan Wolf and her daughters -- apparently in addition to visiting colleges, this is going to be my midwest tour of friends I met because of Star Trek: Voyager, which is awesome. We spent most of Saturday at the Indianapolis Zoo, which is terrific -- three kinds of penguins, a dolphin show, a large colony of lemurs with several babies, a giraffe-feeding station, a big shark touch tank, a baby elephant, a desert region with meerkats, an Africa region with lions, a woodland region with bats, and dozens of other animals, plus several vegetarian options for lunch. The highlight for us, however, was the Penguin Art Adventure, in which we got to meet and pet two rockhopper penguins who then painted on canvas for us with their feet (and bit our shoelaces, and let us pet their backs, and became very colorful in the process):

Collapse )

After visiting the zoo, we went through the adjacent White River Gardens, which has many orchids in its conservatory and many hundreds of tulips in the formal beds outdoors. Then we drove three hours to Columbus (in a bit of drizzle, but nothing like the rain on Friday) to see my friend, whom I last saw when Adam was a newborn and long before her two girls arrived. She and I went out to get pizza and caught up a bit while we left Paul in charge of all the kids -- she lives in a very pretty neighborhood and has bunnies in her backyard, and while Daniel discussed video games with her younger daughter, the rest of us discussed wildlife photography and news. We are pleased the Capitols have advanced and not all that sorry to have to wait to see Doctor Who, though don't spoil me please, since we are staying overnight in Columbus and going to the zoo here tomorrow with Lori, another friend from Trek of long ago.

Happy Easter if you celebrate! If not, happy Sunday!