April 28th, 2011


Poem for Thursday, UMCP, Indianapolis Zoo, New Who

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I let Paul take the van with working air conditioning because we had a forecast for temperatures in the mid-80s, so since I didn't want to drive without air conditioning, I stayed close to home today. It wasn't oppressive in the woods, and it was overcast for most of the afternoon, but when the sun was out it was pretty beastly hot. Huge thunderstorms have arrived now and a lot of the area is under a tornado watch, but hopefully when this passes, it will cool off a bit.

I am still not caught up on Game of Thrones or The Borgias or Camelot or Smallville, but we did finally watch the Doctor Who season premiere and My Sarah Jane. The latter made me cry -- Sladen's death is so upsetting, I think because it seemed so sudden (I was waiting eagerly for another season of SJA -- and how come the last one isn't out on DVD yet?). "The Impossible Astronaut" left me, well, meh, except for River Song, though I remain convinced that Moffat et al are going to do something so awful to her that I'll wish I never cared. It wouldn't surprise me if the same were true of Amy, either, but she remains so much a tabula rasa that I have less investment.

Daniel has accepted his offer of admission from the University of Maryland and joined the Science, Technology, and Society division of the College Park Scholars program. There were a bunch of reasons for this decision -- UMCP has superb opportunities for undergraduate robotics, it's highly ranked among engineering programs overall, and because we live in the state, he'll be able to graduate without any of us being in debt. It's also a beautiful campus on a subway line into a major city, and the male-female ratio is a lot more balanced than Georgia Tech or Carnegie Mellon. Plus he'll know some people attending, which he seems pleased about. So it's all good. The Purdue trip was worthwhile just to get a sense of the campus (lovely but isolated), and to see the Indianapolis Zoo:

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