April 29th, 2011

get critical

Poem for Friday and Neighborhood Spring

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I let apaulled have the van with working air conditioning again, so it was another quiet day -- "quiet" being relative since we had several big thunderstorms, plus a tornado warning for the area as the kids were leaving for school. The heat, at least, had broken, and after lunch I took a nice long walk in the woods surrounded by fallen crabapple blossoms, inchworms hanging from trees, and azaleas in full bloom.

I met gblvr at the mall for dinner (Indian) and a bit of shopping (white tank top, $7 leggings). Then I came home and watched Nikita (which made me very sad because of Collapse )), and then caught up on last week's Smallville, which amused me both because of Booster and because Clark Kent as a mature adult is still as insecure as the kids on Glee. Here are some of the neighborhood flowers I saw yesterday and today:

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