April 30th, 2011


Poem for Saturday, Azaleas, Royal Wedding

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I'm too tired to see straight, let alone type straight, because I got up early to watch William marry Catherine. My taste in ceremonies runs to the less formal and less religious -- I like personal speeches by the celebrants about what binds them or at least readings that are relevant to their relationship -- but Kate and William looked far more happy than they did nervous, and their families were adorable (who knew Camilla had such a cute granddaughter). I know he is not very popular but Prince Philip looks amazing for a man who's going to be 90. Other than Cameron and Clegg, Elton John, the Beckhams, and Prince Albert, I am not enough of a British celebrity-watcher to have recognized who was there, though I was delighted by Prince Andrew's daughter's most ridiculous hat in the history of hats, which trump even some of the things Cher wore to the Academy Awards in days of yore. Collapse )

As for the rest of my day, I posted a review of the animated Star Trek episode "One Of Our Planets Is Missing, I enjoyed the gorgeous cool weather in the woods and the ongoing azalea show in the neighborhood, I had dinner with my family and my parents. We watched Smallville, which had three of my five favorite men from the series but was too 300 for my taste, and Camelot, which decided to pay lip service at least to rape being a bad thing -- a nice change after all the rapes on fantasy shows I watched last week. We also watched the NFL draft on and off, but both the Ravens and the Redskins spent as much time trading picks as picking players, so I really have no idea what state either team is in. Here are some more neighborhood flower pics:

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