May 4th, 2011

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Poem for Wednesday and Arboretum Azaleas

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Tuesday was lovely and warm and might have been perfect had the warm loveliness not caused a pollen count in the bazillions, which in turn gave me a headache that Excedrin didn't wipe out, meaning that I had to turn to the stronger stuff. So I had a quiet morning reading and listening to A King's Speech: The BBC Radio Play, with which a helpful source provided me. It's a bit older than the movie and the script isn't nearly as good, but it has some nice moments with both Bertie's and Lionel's wives that aren't in the film, and quite a bit more information about what it was like for the BBC technicians working with the King. So that was a nice way to spend a groggy morning.

Adam had tennis in the afternoon; Pauline Betz's Wimbledon trophy is now on display at the tennis complex named for her, which made me smile. I went for a walk in Cabin John Park, which is lush and green and doesn't feel as pollinated as our neighborhood with flowers everywhere, particularly by the creek. I had to walk slowly at one point because there were three white-tail deer on the trail in front of me, and I almost stepped on an enormous stag beetle crossing the path. We watched Glee, which I loved almost unreservedly this week -- Collapse ) A friend linked me to this list of men from British literature in order of bangability, with which I disagree strongly in a few cases (both additions and omissions) but which makes me smile simply by existing. Here are some more of the flowers from the National Arboretum:

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