May 8th, 2011


Poem for Mother's Day, Baby Sheep and Geese

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I had a completely awesome Saturday, though a long one! In the morning, my friend Annmarie came over and drove up with my family to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, at which we saw many adorable sheep and lambs, fiber crafts, angora goats, alpacas, bunnies, jewelry, food vendors, and ngech. We met Paul's parents at the gate and went to the barns and exhibit tents with them; we had brought sandwiches and they had brought a peanut butter chocolate cake, plus we got ice cream while listening to Maggie Sansone and a group of local folk musicians.

Though it was drizzling when we left, fearing a storm, it turned into a gorgeous low-70s sunny afternoon, so we drove across the top of Montgomery County to Montgomery Village and walked around Lake Whetstone, where we saw ducks, turtles, cormorants, great blue herons, green herons, a snake, many songbirds, and several families of goslings -- some on islands where we couldn't get close, some in the lake, some in the grass. Someone was drumming on a back porch and there were several families fishing around the lake.

We took Annmarie back to her car, packed up sandwiches for dinner, and went to the Olney Theatre Center, where the National Players were performing A Midsummer Night's Dream -- the same cast we saw over the summer at Olney's outdoor venue, but tonight they were on the main stage, and we ate dinner in the big center lobby after picking up our tickets. Adam needed to see a play for his drama class, and although he complains about Shakespeare on principle, both kids laughed through the entire production, which I think had better timing than when we saw it in the summer though it's magical to see that play under the stars with lightning bugs around. It's a wonderful cast, especially the actress playing Helena, who I think is a hard character to get right.

I only had time to glance through my photos so I am just going to post a couple. Happy Mother's Day!

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