May 10th, 2011

little review

Poem for Tuesday, Baby Birds, The Kids Are All Right

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I had a pretty nice Monday, though a lot of it was spent doing chores. I washed (though haven't yet folded) four loads of laundry while doing various other chores around the house, and I ran out to the mall do some shopping, which was only half successful but that's better than all failure. While eating lunch and doing some paperwork, I watched The Kids Are All Right -- possibly appropriate for the day on which Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver split up -- which I can't decide whether to recommend wholeheartedly or only halfheartedly because of Collapse ) Under any circumstances, the acting is wonderful and I'm sorry Annette Bening did not win that Oscar -- she is long overdue.

Adam came home and took photos of bees when he wasn't walking the dogs; Daniel came home and read online entries about Finnegans Wake aloud when he wasn't reading about Newt Gingrich's planned presidential run. We are cautiously optimistic about the University of Maryland hiring Mark Turgeon from Texas A&M to coach men's basketball -- he hasn't said anything that makes me never want to watch the sport again, at least. We watched Chicago Code, which I am really enjoying though I have no idea whether it will be back next season; then we remembered that Sanctuary had moved to Mondays so we watched the Worst Date Ever episode. I was going to post some gosling photos but LiveJournal's status page says they're doing maintenance on Scrapbook, so instead here are more photos of the baby birds and their mother that I fortunately had uploaded yesterday:

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