May 15th, 2011


Poem for Sunday and Senior Prom

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Daniel is at his senior prom as I type this, and our timing for the afternoon was dependent on his schedule, so I didn't accomplish a lot besides getting to hang out with him and his girlfriend Shelley (whom he's been dating for nearly two years but we've only actually been introduced once). Apparently they are getting picked up and driven home by her sister, having decided not to go to the school's hyped-all-year After Prom event (to stop kids from drinking and having sex, not that that has ever fully worked), so we are at home listening to classical music and the rain. Earlier in the day we had to pick up the tuxedo (the white pocket square disappeared somehow, but no big loss). Then we all went out to pick up the corsage and stopped near a local pond where I'd seen baby geese earlier in the week, though they were hiding -- we did see a couple of adult geese and a mallard and wood duck, plus a red-winged blackbird and some songbirds.

Daniel and Shelley nearly didn't go to the prom because they didn't want to deal with all the insanity, and even though we offered to take them out somewhere for dinner or drop them off so they could go themselves, they wanted to have dinner here. So Paul made Swedish food, since she'd never had it, and toll house pie, and we chatted about colleges and comic books. Then they went off to the dance at the University of Maryland and the rest of us watched Doctor Who -- I know I am supposed to be all a-squee about this season and Matt Smith and celebrity guest stars and Neil Gaiman, but really all I liked this week was Collapse ) and I am really, really missing Eccleston, Tennant, Piper, Agyeman, and Tate. Here are a few prom night photos:

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