May 17th, 2011

get critical

Poem for Tuesday and Squirrel Joy

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I spent Monday with dementordelta, mostly watching movies, though we did go out to drive Adam and his friend to school -- the state is giving high school assessment test mostly to sophomores, so they only need to be there in the afternoon -- and to drop off Daniel's tuxedo from the place where it was rented (which is in the mall, so we also stopped in a couple of stores to look at POTC souvenirs before picking up crepes to bring back for lunch. She had brought some blueberries that we didn't finish, and we tossed the leftovers outside on the deck, and a while later we got to watch the entertainment:

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We had decided the night before after all the Victoria movies that we needed to watch The Queen together, so we did, and because we did not wish to neglect our new boyfriend a.k.a. Colin Firth, we also watched A Summer in Genoa (which is very well acted but still just...ends) and The Last Legion (in which Colin and Aishwarya Rai look really good in fake Roman garb but not even Ben Kingsley can act his way around the awful dialogue, not that that ruins the movie since it also has the luscious Alexander Siddig). Delta had to go home at dinnertime, when my family had jacket potatoes, then we watched the penultimate episode of Chicago Code which is getting canned, sigh (though Harry's Law is coming back, yay)!