May 18th, 2011


Poem for Wednesday and Gaithersburg Goslings

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It was not an eventful Tuesday, since I had lots to catch up on after playing all day Monday. I drove Adam and his two crazy friends to school late in the morning (there are still high school assessment exams before lunch, so they were all hanging out here having insane conversations). Then I did a bunch of work and chores and folded laundry till the kids got home, at which point we had conversations about Puzzlepalooza at Daniel's school and I took Adam to tennis. I walked for an hour in Cabin John Park while he was there, which was lovely -- cool, damp, lots of squirrels and chipmunks running around -- then we came home for dinner.

Evening entertainment was Glee (finally a Sue Sylvester episode that was truly moving and had some great zingers at the same time -- musically, only Santana and Kurt get props from me), then this week's delayed The Borgias which had very bloody war carnage but Lucrezia was so awesome that I could deal -- I keep finding myself rooting for the Borgias in spite of everything because everyone else in the Church is just as bad or worse. Here are some more photos of the goslings at Lake Whetstone the weekend before last:

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