May 20th, 2011


Poem for Friday and Spring Rainbow

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Thursday was my last day of being on the HSA schedule: Daniel is finished with Puzzlepalooza (his team didn't win, but he seems to have had a good time anyway, and came home with a bag of Hershey miniatures so he was in a good mood), and Adam can no longer sleep late and finish his homework before arriving at school at 11:40 for afternoon classes. Adam is bummed that he is headed into finals; older son is largely headed into graduation parties, so he isn't terribly concerned about being back on a regular high school schedule for the handful of days left.

Daniel has been watching Downfall in his AP government class, so since we were talking about fictional portrayals of Hitler's last days, we just spent the evening watching Valkyrie, which remains frustrating, and not because of Tom Cruise who gets an unfair share of the blame in many reviews. He's outshone by Bill Nighy, Kenneth Branagh, Tom Wilkinson, et al, but the real problem is that the script doesn't flesh out von Stauffenberg as a character and the directing tends toward the most obvious choices.

The weather today alternated partly cloudy and pleasantly cool with loud thunderstorms. The wet woods smelled wonderful, and after the dinnertime lightning-and-thunder display which greatly upset the cats, here is what the view down the street looked like on either side:

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