May 24th, 2011


Poem for Tuesday, May Farm, Chicago Code

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It took me all morning to do a few minor chores and get laundries in, and I'm not sure where the afternoon went. Daniel came home and announced that he had taken his Tuesday math test on Monday so he doesn't have to go to school tomorrow. Adam and I spent half an hour trying to capture a cicada killer wasp which had somehow gotten into the house and was buzzing furiously against the front window (those things are two inches long and buzz like lawnmowers -- I've heard that they don't sting but I did NOT want to find out that was incorrect).

After dinner we all watched the final episode of The Chicago Code, a show we all really enjoyed and thought was very well acted -- I am sorry to see it leaving broadcast and pleased that the writers wrapped up the major storylines of the short season (and I hope Jason Clarke is back on TV soon). Then we watched the Memorial Day episode of Sanctuary, which was crack -- Evil Abnormal Nazi weapons, Hitler doubles -- but Amanda Tapping in a beret and the return of Peter Wingfield make up for a lot. Here are some more photos from Homestead Farm on Sunday:

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