May 29th, 2011

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Poem for Sunday and Mount Vernon Visit

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Saturday was my father's birthday, so after what should have been a quiet morning during which we let both kids sleep (Daniel is still recovering from breaking his arm, Adam is getting over a cold, but our neighbor had workmen at her house shouting and hammering at 7:30 a.m.), we spent most of the day with my parents. We went to Mount Vernon, driving and arriving in a thunderstorm but ending up with very nice weather for most of the afternoon, which allowed us to see the upper farm and gardens as well as the grave site and most of the work buildings around the house tour (the quick version today since they were expecting crowds for the holiday weekend). There was a large high school group where all the kids and chaperones were dressed in period costume and many were playing historic games and instruments, so I took photos of them, since it was a bit like being at a Colonial fair:

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We had ice cream in the cafeteria, then came home so Adam could walk the neighbor's dogs and Daniel could rest after getting more exercise than he got since he was injured. Then we had pizza with my parents and Paul made strawberry shortcake with the berries we picked last weekend (it's one of my father's favorites). Since all our TV shows seem to be on hiatus for the long weekend -- BBC America isn't showing Doctor Who and Camelot doesn't appear to be on Starz -- we watched more Monty Python in the evening, because who can resist "The British Showbiz Awards" and "The Golden Age of Ballooning"? Crazy George III is the perfect way to end an afternoon at Mount Vernon.