June 4th, 2011


Poem for Saturday, Magicks of Megas-tu, VA Renfaire

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I don't have a lot of excitement to report from my Friday. I dragged Daniel out with me on a couple of shopping errands and took him for frappuccinos to make it up to him, then I finished a review of the incredibly awful animated Star Trek episode "The Magicks of Megas-tu", which may actually be the single worst episode of the entire franchise ever produced -- about the best thing I can say about it is that it makes me laugh too hard to be offended the way I am with, say, Voyager's "Retrospect" which implies that women's repressed memories of sexual abuse should not be trusted...all right, that is still the worst episode ever, but "The Magicks of Megas-tu" still sucks.

I took a walk in the late afternoon since the weather was rather lovely, and we had dinner with my parents, where my kids gave my mother lessons on the use of Droid phones (she has an older Motorola phone but apparently Adam had no trouble navigating it). In the evening we watched The Heart of Me, which I'd been meaning to rewatch ever since I heard David Seidler's first choice to play George VI in The King's Speech had been Paul Bettany; he and Helena Bonham Carter have nice chemistry in The Heart of Me, but I still don't love the storyline (typical Victorian passion-leads-to-misery in an era when world conflict was making the marital woes of aristocrats a somewhat secondary concern), and I still want to throttle certain characters.

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