June 14th, 2011

little review

Poem for Tuesday and High School Graduation

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I spent Monday watching Daniel graduate from high school and celebrating with him and our family. The ceremony was at DAR Constitution Hall, which is a pain in many ways -- previously, son's school used the Comcast Center since his is the largest high school in the county, but the school board refused to pay for it this year, so each student could only get a few tickets for family members (we had to get on a wait list for tickets for my parents and couldn't get them for my in-laws). The crowd flow is horrendous, parking is a nightmare, it's several blocks from the Metro -- and part of the Red Line was closed this morning because of a bomb threat, anyway. But the ceremony itself was very nice, attended by the president of the Board of Education (whose daughter was graduating in the class) and superintendent; the faculty read the names of all 700-some graduates, the outgoing principal made a nice speech, and other than a too-long keynote address by a Harvard professor of education and an extremely loud family sitting behind us, it was more enjoyable than I was expecting, having graduated in the same building with too many narrow corridors and too few exits.

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We were all pretty hungry by the time we retrieved my parents' car and drove out of the city, so we decided to stop at the mall for lunch so everyone could get what they wanted (I had Indian, the graduate had a cheesesteak, my mother had yogurt). Then we went home to relax for a while before picking up my parents and going to dinner at the Melting Pot with Paul's parents, who met us there. We shared four kinds of cheese fondue and four pots of chocolate around our main courses; I didn't even get salad and I ate way too much. It's two years to the day since Adam's Bar Mitzvah, also held at the Melting Pot, so it was a delightful reminder of that last family milestone. I know I am supposed to have some sort of profound feeling about my son being a high school graduate, but other than feeling a bit stupefied that the years have passed so quickly, I am experiencing no major emotional upheaval, just pride that he has a magnet program diploma. When he moves into his dorm for college, then I may feel differently! We all just watched the Inception episode of Sanctuary together, and I still feel like I am going to pop from dinner. Tomorrow Daniel has an appointment to see about getting his wisdom teeth out, so it's back to the grind!