June 18th, 2011


Poem for Saturday, Brookside Gardens, Mudd's Passion

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I have spent the entire evening, and I mean five hours, fighting with my printer and Paul's printer. The printers are winning, 2-0. So I will keep this short. It was not the most eventful of Fridays, anyway, since I spent a ridiculous amount of time in card stores looking for Father's Day cards (do not lecture me about how my kids should make cards, they are 18 and 15 and I'm not going to force them to put out for a Hallmark holiday). The choices are scant this year -- I think even the card stores are assuming people will call or email -- and consist of really sappy cards, really religious cards, really insulting cards, and really idiotic cards.

I was an idiot and failed to pick up cards when I got my parents the card for their Golden Anniversary, which is Saturday -- quite a milestone! They are being feted by various friends all weekend so we probably won't even see them till Father's Day. I posted a review of "Mudd's Passion", which I do not dislike as much as it undoubtedly deserves -- I don't think I knew about date rape drugs when I first saw it, and the idiotic sexism, so typical of classic Star Trek, is mitigated by the straightforward declarations of attachment between Kirk and Spock. Here are some more photos from Wings of Fancy and the Brookside gardens:

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