June 21st, 2011


Poem for Tuesday and Homestead Farm

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I had to get up really early for my annual mammogram, about which the best thing I can say is that they got me in and out very quickly. Otherwise, Monday was mostly a chore day anyway: making and moving appointments, running out for a couple of shopping items, trying to organize my summer. I scheduled Daniel's wisdom teeth extraction, then dragged him to the mall with me for consolation frozen yogurt since he'd been on the computer all morning (after he got up at nearly 11, which ends next week). Bath & Body Works is having its bi-annual sale so I stocked up on a bunch of Vanilla Coconut and Dark Kiss things while they're 75% off. Adam was invited by a friend to Dave & Buster's to play games, so he had a more exciting day.

It rained all morning and drizzled occasionally in the early afternoon, which kept the temperatures tolerable since the sun wasn't out all that much. I took a walk in the woods, which stayed cool even as it started to get hot, and the deer were out eating the wet leaves, though the cul-de-sac bunny was hiding. We had French toast and bacon (well, fake bacon) for dinner and watched the season finale of Sanctuary, which is trying too hard to be The X-Men and had too much Will stalling, too little Helen being awesome, but Jon Stewart's analysis of how the news covers news has restored my faith. Here are some more photos from picking blueberries at Homestead Farm last weekend including the unripe blackberries and runaway chick:

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Have a happy summer solstice!