June 24th, 2011

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Poem for Friday and Virtual Life

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This is going to have to be an extreme quickie because I got my Google Music Beta invitation an hour ago and have spent the past sixty minutes reading the disclaimers, uploading my music, installing the app on my phone, etc. Daniel got his invitation a few days ago and has been singing the service's praises; I hesitate only because Google has not said a word about how much it will cost for storage space and/or bandwidth once the beta period is over, whereas with Amazon's cloud I know both the limitations and the expectations.

My big event for the day was taking Daniel to get his cast removed. He has a splint now, which he is not required to wear (and is not supposed to wear for showering, swimming, etc.) but the orthopedist thought it would be more comfortable after four weeks in a cast. When we left the doctor's office we stopped at the mall, where my mother and Adam tracked us down and asked if we wanted to meet them at California Pizza Kitchen, which we did. Then I traded boys with my mother, taking Adam home with me while she took Daniel to get ice cream.

We watched the goofy animated Star Trek episode I need to review this week, then the new Futurama episodes (not my favorites, especially the gender swap story which didn't parody stereotypes in many cases so much as reinforce them, but still amusing). It's the second-to-last week of regular Superpoke Pets item releases, so since I am enough of a loser to have discussed my pursuit of the Boardwalk habitat yesterday and I lost the hour before I started futzing with the music app to getting this week's items, here are some of my penguin's recent adventures.

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