June 25th, 2011


Poem for Saturday, Brookside Gardens, The Terratin Incident

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I have had a great night. We went to a neighborhood potluck with lots of veggie options at the home of the parents of Adam's best friend, who have just remodeled -- expanded the kitchen and opened a wall into the living room -- so everything looked lovely and we got to share food with people we really should see more often considering how close we live but we somehow don't manage to connect as often as we should, plus I got to chat with people I see every day when I walk (and look my grungiest) and wave to but don't often talk to. Then we came home and watched Caddyshack -- the kids hadn't seen it, I hadn't watched it in probably two decades, we were all snickering -- and a few minutes after it ended, the New York Senate voted to legalize gay marriage. Evenings don't often end on a better note than that.

Friday wasn't so great early on; things were a mess in Syria, Peter Falk died, and at least eight cars in our neighborhood were broken into overnight with lots of things stolen (clearly by pros, no windows were broken or locks damaged, merely the fact that no one noticed them suggests they came in with a plan and worked quickly). That was a big topic of conversation at the potluck. My kids played with a friend and worked on their Minecraft server. I posted a review of the animated Star Trek's "The Terratin Incident". On Saturday we're going to Antietam with my in-laws, so in the meantime here are some photos from Brookside Gardens the weekend before last:

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