July 1st, 2011


Poem for Friday, Antietam, Gargoyles

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I had a lovely but busy Thursday. In the morning I got to have a long-postponed coffee date with the mother of Adam's best friend, who lives eight houses away from me yet whom I usually only see in passing -- they had a party last week, so this is actually two substantive conversations in five days, which may be a record for us! I had hoped to see perkypaduan, too, but our timing around lunch didn't work out.

Daniel has been watching Gargoyles on YouTube since several of his friends like it, and since I am the only Star Trek fan on the planet who'd never seen a single episode, I ordered the first season on DVD. We watched a few episodes together -- I must admit that I was pulling for the villains, since I'll always root for Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis, but neither has done anything unforgivable yet, so I feel no guilt in that regard.

After having to go without for several weeks, I had dinner with gblvr -- as usual, I had a crepe, she had butter chicken -- and we did a bit of shopping, mostly super-cheap accessories and trying on makeup we didn't buy. The rest of my family had dinner with my parents. In the evening we watched the animated Trek episode I need to review this week and the new Futurama, which left so little impression that I had to ask my kids to remind me what it was about. Ugly Americans' bad Harry Potter parody stuck in my mind more. Here are some more Antietam photos:

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