July 8th, 2011


Poem for Friday and Fort McHenry Festivities

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My big goal for Thursday was to get to the Vera Bradley fall release party at Tiara Galleries. Daniel's big goal for Thursday was to get an EVGA GTX 550 Ti and an Asus PCE-N13, which I gather are a graphics card and a wireless connector card respectively; he explained to me several times why the graphics card that came with his computer and the USB wireless connector we already had were not up to speed, but I am still confused. Still, the fact that he wanted to go out for those despite his recent dental surgery meant that I could get a Happy Snails Life in Progress notebook for free, so that was a worthwhile shopping trip for both of us. (Adam was out running with friends.)

Plus I got to have dinner with gblvr and wolfshark! I was craving samosa chaat, so I had that instead of crepes for a change, and we walked around the mall and tried on shoes and I got a long Viva la Vera lanyard to clip onto my tech case, so it was a very Vera Bradley day for me. In the evening we watched an animated Star Trek episode of which I had absolutely no memory, then a fabulous Nat Geo Wild show about the Galapagos Islands and Darwin, then this week's hilarious Futurama which skewers several sci-fi cop movies. Here are some more photos from the Fourth of July at Fort McHenry in Baltimore:

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