July 9th, 2011


Poem for Saturday, The Ambergris Element, Fort McHenry

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We had rainstorms and flash floods forecast for Friday, though they didn't arrive till the late afternoon -- and, knock wood, our electricity stayed on though there were outages around the area. Daniel is still recuperating, though -- knock wood again -- his pulled teeth really have not been bothering him, so he spent a lot of the day on the computer looking at Anti-Joke Chicken and watched the rest of the first season of Gargoyles with me while I folded laundry. Adam went out running with friends and was going to play tennis with my father, but the storms arrived too soon.

I posted a review of the animated Star Trek's "The Ambergris Element" and watched the shuttle launch online. We had dinner with my parents, glanced at both the Orioles and Nationals in the process of losing to the Red Sox and Rockies, then watched Torchwood: Miracle Day, which I thought was very interesting and thoughtful and in which I felt nothing beyond a vague nostalgia; Children of Earth pretty much killed my ability to feel anything for or empathize with the characters, and if I needed any reminders, they kept mentioning the 456. Collapse )

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