July 14th, 2011


Poem for Thursday and Minivan Departure

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I got to spend an awesome afternoon with dementordelta in craft stores and watching Geoffrey Rush! And also watching George VI on The House of Windsor, because watching Geoffrey Rush does not quite qualify as a King's Speech love-fest even if we bought teapot charms and "Keep Calm and Carry On" note pads -- and Delta brought me a couple of biographies of Mrs. Simpson, plus both sets of Commander in Chief on DVD, so I got lots of good stuff. And we had soup and spinach pochettes for lunch at La Madeleine and spent longer than strictly necessary in World Market because it was raining so hard we didn't feel like running through the parking lot till it stopped.

We also watched Geoffrey Rush on Graham Norton and in The Warrior's Way (which remains very entertaining crack -- incredibly bloody and a couple of really triggery near-rape scenes, yet condemnatory of the macho idiocy of Westerns and Ninja films alike). In the evening, after Delta had to go home, my family watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix -- I get a kick out of Umbridge but the legilimency scenes remain my favorites, plus Rickman's delivery of the words "No idea" to Staunton's shrill questions. The other big event around here was that our first minivan, with the broken air conditioning, has been donated to the Hebrew Home, and their driver arrived to pick it up:

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Joyeux quatorze juillet!