July 18th, 2011

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Poem for Monday, HP7.2-2 and Colonial Fair

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I spent a lovely Sunday with dementordelta and my family, beginning with an early start so we could see the earliest IMAX 3D showing of Deathly Hallows, Part Two in Silver Spring. We had excellent seats and the theater has a fantastic sound system, plus I love the huge screen, but I must admit that I didn't particularly notice any improvements in 3D apart from a few tricks with smoke and sparklers. I did enjoy the movie just as much -- I think the pacing is considerably better than Deathly Hallows, Part One and The Half-Blood Prince, though some of that may be that both those books are so bloated that it's hard to put together a film that doesn't drag in places. There were really two things that I wanted from this film: Collapse ) And I got my way on both, plus the character who'd been utterly ruined for me in the book did NOT get much screen time. None of the other film changes bothered me much.

We walked a bit through the Silver Spring outdoor market, then came home for lunch. Then we went to Claude Moore Colonial Farm for the summer Colonial Market Fair. It was hot out but not bad in the shade, where we walked through the market stalls (there are jewelry, soap, clothing, household goods, teas and spices, books and prints, candles, plants, and toy vendors, plus hard and soft drink stands, chickens being roasted over an open pit, corn, bread, cheese, watermelon, and various snacks). We missed the fencing demonstration and watched the juggler from a distance, then took a walk around the farm, which has a tobacco barn and a little farmhouse -- there were fewer pigs than the last time we visited, just one adorable one that was being trained for shows since it's so friendly, and a few sheep, cows, turkeys, chickens, and geese. The birds were all in cages as they had apparently been chased by an obnoxious kid (one wonders whether he could have been more annoying than the much too young kid behind us at the movie earlier).

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We came back in the late afternoon where Delta and I watched -- wait for it -- The King's Speech (hey, it has been weeks). Then we had to watch the scenes in National Treasure 2 filmed at the same locations. Eventually she had to go home, and my family has just spent hours around the endless scoreless Red Sox game (Orioles won, Nationals lost) and an attempt to watch Matinee (MANT 1, Nukes 0) unsuccessfully trying to figure out where older son's driver's ed packet has vanished considering that he starts class on Monday.