July 19th, 2011


Poem for Tuesday and Colonial Farm Animals

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Monday was a catch-up and chore day. It involved washing four loads of laundry that haven't all been folded yet, but more annoyingly it involved moving dozens of piles of Stuff that got shaken loose when we discovered last night at around 11 p.m. that Daniel did not know where his textbook for Driver's Ed had gone, which he needed to find by 1 p.m. the next afternoon. After an evening and morning of unsuccessfully looking everywhere in the entire house, Paul went and picked up a new one, because the book is only $10 and the course, which he isn't allowed to take without the book, cost a great deal more than that. He had the first three-hour classroom lesson and proclaimed it boring; he doesn't get to start the driving lessons till next week.

I passed Adam walking home from the track on the way to take Daniel to the class, so I picked him up, and he explained the Me Gusta, Forever Alone, and I Lied memes to me because I don't spend enough time on Memebase. Also Not Sure If Trolling Or Just Stupid (I am usually just stupid). In related news, I sliced my finger while cutting a bagel, was told on Facebook that I was then due some positive karmic balance, and soon after received via UPS a Pandora bracelet with a very pretty orange Murano bead as a reward for having filled out an online survey. That was lovely, as was Warehouse 13, a show on which I love all the characters so much. Collapse ) Here are some photos of animals at Claude Moore Colonial Farm on Sunday:

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