July 26th, 2011


Poem for Tuesday and Star Gazing Farm

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Daniel had his first behind-the-wheel driving lesson bright and early this morning. He was not awake enough to be nervous. I was slightly nervous, but the teacher seemed very together (gave us a sheet with information about the state driving test that isn't on the MVA web site or in the book) and Daniel ended up in a good mood -- he knew the car spec stuff backwards and forwards, though obviously he needs more road driving experience. I took both kids to Bagel City to get lunch, then Adam was going to go running at the track with a friend, but a big thunderstorm hit and we had rain on and off for several hours while older son was in the driver's ed classroom in the afternoon.

It was a quiet afternoon -- I started the weekly laundry, listened to Adam's long list of complaints about the county health curriculum, worked on my ongoing efforts to save my LiveJournal photos until LiveJournal became too erratic for it to be worthwhile, took a walk and saw one of the neighborhood bunnies twitching its nose in a front yard with another neighbor's dog just down the sidewalk. I absolutely adored this week's Warehouse 13, not just the fabulous Pete/Myka "we did not" hysteria but Rene Auberjonois and Lindsay Wagner too (and even though it says Aaron Ashmore is a guest star, he's been around the whole season so far, yay). Now Colbert has my side literally in stitches from laughing so hard at his Summer's Eve parody, so here are some more Star Gazing Farm photos from Saturday:

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