August 1st, 2011

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Poem for Monday and Bohrer Park

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On Monday morning we are headed to the Outer Banks, so we had a bunch of stuff we needed to get done on Sunday. We thought that maybe we'd go see Cowboys and Aliens in the middle, but we ended up deciding not to, since we wanted to get to Kohl's weekend sale while we had Kohl's bucks we needed to use from the last weekend sale by the end of July, and it took an absurd amount of time to convince Daniel that he needed to try on a couple of pairs of pants since he needs clothes for college and I can't guess his waist size just by looking. Then we also stopped at Target, Bath & Body Works, CVS, and Giant (we were out of veggie salami), and by then it was late in the afternoon.

My parents invited us over for pizza and cookies, but we couldn't stay late because I had to come home and fold laundry so everyone could pack. The Orioles managed to lose to the Yankees this afternoon and the Nationals managed to beat the Mets, so now we are watching the Cubs trying to beat the Cardinals and rolling our eyes at the idea that whatever debt compromise the arrogant, self-important sellouts excuse me leaders in Congress have come up with is actually a good solution. Here are some more photos from Bohrer Park in Gaithersburg on Saturday:

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Happy Lammas-Lughnasadh!