August 7th, 2011

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Poem for Sunday, NC Beach, Cowboys and Aliens, Jane Eyre

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We had a fairly quiet Saturday, in part to catch up from being out of town and in part because it rained in the afternoon. I spent the morning unpacking, doing laundry, and trying to catch up on various articles and correspondence. In the afternoon we went to see Cowboys and Aliens, which I enjoyed more than I was expecting -- I love the lead actors, but I'm not much of a fan of Westerns and I don't like alien shoot-em-ups much either, so I was delighted at the extent to which the movie ridiculed the macho idiocy of both genres and even let Harrison Ford poke fun at himself a bit. I wished there were more women with substantial roles and I wish the film had been a bit more mocking of the Indian stereotypes, but overall it was a nice surprise compared to actual well-reviewed Westerns I've seen; give me this over Clint Eastwood any day. In the evening I folded laundry and we watched the most recent film version of Jane Eyre, in which I liked most of the actors very much (supporting cast members as well as Wasikowska and Dench) but found Fassbender quite unsympathetic, though I'm not big on Rochester to begin with.

We had veggie hoppin' john for dinner that Paul had made to bring on our trip but we ended up keeping it in the refrigerator the whole time. Paul also wrote to the sea turtle rescue group N.E.S.T. to find out how the baby turtle we found was doing; they wrote back, "We believe it may have been one that just recently hatched out of one of our nests this week located in Kill Devil Hills. It was due to be released after it regained some of its strength." Its odds of reaching maturity are still not terrific -- only about one in a thousand loggerheads lives to be 20, though they have life spans nearly as long as humans -- but I am glad it didn't get eaten by a gull on the beach. Here are some photos from the beach at Kill Devil Hills where we found the turtle, taken over several days in the Outer Banks:

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