August 12th, 2011


Poem for Friday and Adopt This Kitten

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Thursday was another chore day, though not a bad one except that the parking lot at the dermatologist is now the same sort of scam as the parking lot where the orthopedist's office is -- there are plenty of spaces but the lots are run by companies that charge a small fortune for valet parking for "incapacitated patients," taking up 90 percent of the lot, meaning that the choice is either to pay through the nose to park or to wait and wait and wait for one of the few public spaces to open up. It's not enough that our health care costs are up and our insurance is paying for less and the facilities have to make it outrageously expensive to park, something that insurance clearly won't cover? I'd threaten to find a new dermatologist for myself and the kids except that my doctor and the kids' ophthalmologist are in a complex that also charges for park-your-own spaces even though it's not like there's a mall, an airport, or anything else adjacent that makes spots competitive. They just want to bleed patients.

The kids got their skin taken care of, and since we were over in Rockville, we met Paul for lunch at Tara Thai, which was delicious. Then we came home, where I did some work, Adam went to the track, and Daniel claims nearly to have finished Persona 3 except that he still needs hours and hours of video gaming to do so. (He seems to think he can finish this and Persona 4 before he starts college. I am dubious.) While I was out walking I bumped into my neighbor Alyson, who was very upset. It turns out that she adopted a kitten, Zoe, a few weeks ago after losing her cat of many years a few months ago, and her husband, who was not very allergic to the cat, is very allergic to the kitten so she has to get rid of it this weekend while he's on a business trip. We had Zoe over our house for an hour, much to Rosie and Daisy's great chagrin -- Cinnamon made herself scarce, so I don't know what she thought, but the other two did a bit of hissing -- and I think we all feel that, although the kitten is utterly adorable, three cats is about what our house can comfortably hold, so if anyone wants to welcome a sweet, funny, FLV-negative 4-month-old into your home, will you please let me know? All photos by blepfowordpress.

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