August 16th, 2011


Poem for Tuesday and Cat Toys

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I overslept on Monday after being awake for an hour at 2 a.m. when our power came back on (meaning that the hall light, the television, and various other things that we'd forgotten to switch off when the power went out in the first place all came to life). Then I nagged older son to apply for a credit card online, only to discover that he isn't eligible until he turns 18 whether or not he's starting college in two weeks. This made it more urgent to get him a debit card for his bank account, but Capital One told us that the Young Saver account he had couldn't be accessed via debit card, so we ended up spending an hour at the bank setting up checking and savings accounts (and getting apaulled to come over because they needed his signature so he can move money from our checking account to son's even though they had it on the old one).

By then we were very hungry, so I took older son out to lunch, since younger son had been at track since very early in the morning and had eaten already. After eating (cheese crepe for me, chicken sandwich for him), we came home so he could chat with friends online and I could get some chores done. My neighbor whose kitten cidercupcakes adopted stopped by with presents for us and the cats -- we got wine and chocolate covered peanuts, they got catnip and toy mice which have kept them occupied all evening pouncing and leaping all over the house. We watched this week's utterly hilarious Warehouse 13, which was just picked up for a fourth season (YAY) and which has really picked up its game this season; I've always enjoyed the characters and been mildly amused by the stories, but now it's never-miss TV and often leaves me in hysterics. Collapse )

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