August 17th, 2011


Poem for Wednesday and Baltimore Museums

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I did a bunch of running around on Tuesday, though not as much as Adam, who was at track from 8 to 11 a.m. or so, then playing tennis with my father, then out to lunch with Daniel and my parents, then at an art class at Glen Echo from 4-6 p.m. I only drove him for the latter, with traffic that was not as bad as I was expecting, though I've read that traffic in the DC area is light this week because so many people are on vacation. Still, I spent nearly two hours in the car shuttling him around, so I only finished one load of laundry and got very little work done.

We loved this week's Warehouse 13 so much that we decided we needed to order the first two seasons from and record this season; we're missing the season premiere because it's no longer On Demand, but we have all the rest of the new episodes and we rewatched three of them in the evening. Here are photos from Baltimore this weekend at the Maryland Science Center's Backyard Science Days and Geppi's Entertainment Museum:

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