August 18th, 2011


Poem for Thursday and County Fair

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I did chores and folded laundry in the morning, and Paul came home at lunchtime so we could go to the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair in the afternoon. Wristbands for all-day rides were $10 off on Wednesday, so we figured this was the day to go so that Adam could go on the Freak Out and Fire Ball as many times as he wanted. We went to the midway when we arrived, then spent a couple of hours visiting the animals in the barns where they reside when they aren't on display or being judged -- goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, pigs, cows, horses, plus some more exotic animals -- and at the pig races, where small goats and big ducks also race and terrible Southern music is played. (Because Montgomery County is so diverse, one can find Peruvian folk music, African folk music, and lots of pop music as well as the inevitable country music.)

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Daniel bumped into some friends from school, some of whom are also going to Maryland. We had lemonade and funnel cake, because it's not a fair until I have white powder all over my shirt, stopped in a few of the vendors' tents, then went back to the midway so Adam could get on some more rides before we came home, where we had Welsh rarebit for dinner because we had a big chunk of cheddar cheese. Then we watched Secrets Beneath The Ice and Masters of the Arctic Ice on PBS, both of which are about how global warming are affecting the poles (the first about a drill probe studying how the ice shelf may be melting, the second about studies with CritterCam of how ring seals, polar bears, and narwhals are affected by the melting polar ice.