August 19th, 2011


Poem for Friday and County Fair Animals

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Adam got onto the cross country team! He said that nearly everyone at the trials did, so I guess people figured out at the practices whether they were likely to do so. That was where he spent the morning, which Daniel spent talking online to people from college (he and his roommate agreed that he will bring the TV/DVD combo if roommate brings the refrigerator and window fan). I spent it doing the things I didn't do yesterday while I was at the county fair. Not that I am complaining, because I got to see:

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Adam had art class in the late afternoon and we planned to pick him up from there to go see Jennifer Cutting and Ocean giving a concert. But I dropped him off in the pouring rain, and the thunder and lightning continued over the next two hours. We brought our picnic stuff when we picked son up, but by then there was a flash flood watch, and the Virginia park canceled the concert while we were driving. Woe. So we ate the picnic at our kitchen table, watched a bit of football and Futurama, and had a relatively quiet evening.