August 30th, 2011

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Poem for Tuesday and Monocacy Groundhog

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dementordelta and I had plans to decompress and watch movies together on Monday, but the hurricane wrecked those -- the power at her store is not back on yet, so she couldn't leave. So I had a pretty quiet back-to-school day after 6:45 a.m. when -- 15 minutes after Adam had left for the bus -- one of his friends called looking for him. He had cross country practice after school, so I did laundry and various other chores, took a walk, and tried to get done some of the work that got put off last week.

In other words, I have nothing exciting to report. We had Indian food for dinner and watched Warehouse 13, which made me shriek because I didn't know Kate Mulgrew was going to be on. I am not sure I like where this arc is going -- suddenly the show is reminding me of La Femme Nikita, which I mean in the convoluted internal conspiracy arc sense rather than the awesome characters sense, though Warehouse 13 has those too. Now we're watching a public television special on Montgomery County, which has some nice information on sites to see and some infomercial qualities. The Yankees beat the Orioles, feh.

Here are the groundhogs we saw at Monocacy Aqueduct a few minutes after the earthquake last week, scampering around and diving into their hole under a tree:

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