August 31st, 2011


Poem for Wednesday and Little Lions

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I spent Tuesday morning and afternoon doing chores so I could enjoy my evening, which consisted of going out to dinner with gblvr after dropping Adam off at his painting class in Glen Echo. He is frustrated because the painting class in his high school is full; I wrote to his guidance counselor to see whether maybe they could make room for him but it sounds like the class is already over capacity. Daniel had a service day yesterday with College Park Scholars -- there are photos and a small article here -- and today he went to a barbecue at his high school girlfriend's dorm which apparently is about as far across campus from his own as it's possible to be. He sounds happy, though, except about the lack of air conditioning.

I watched "Once More With Feeling" while folding laundry because I was in a Buffy mood and that's the only episode from a season later than the second that I own...obviously this must be remedied. gblvr and I had Indian food and walked around the mall, though we really didn't buy anything...we did admire the new Hallmark ornaments; I'd stopped collecting Star Trek ornaments, but that Spock/McCoy "Mirror, Mirror" ornament is really tempting, as is the Jack Sparrow ornament. Below are some photos of the National Zoo's lion cubs, which are now nearly as big as their mothers (the father was not in the enclosure, I suspect that the male cubs are getting too old for him to spend much time with the group), taken last weekend before the rain:

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