September 6th, 2011

get critical

Poem for Tuesday and Homestead Farm

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Due to a weather forecast that included rain and flash flood warnings, we did not go to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival on Labor Day as originally planned, but I still had a fairly nice day until about 8 p.m. when the app market on my phone started crashing every time it was launched and after hours of research, reinstalling, resetting everything under the sun, I am once again in the position of having to reset the damn thing to factory settings.

Advice to everyone considering an Android phone: BUY AN iPHONE. Yes, Apple is a greedy company with an obnoxious amount of proprietary software, but so is Google -- they won't tell users in which folder a little tiny corrupt 300k data file is located so that one screwed up file can be removed, because someone might then steal bits of the Android operating system like Google apparently stole from Apple. I am so incredibly pissed off and fed up and wishing I could just go back to T-Mobile and my Windows Mobile 6 phone which never screwed up like this.

Before this infuriating development, we had a nice morning -- we decided to go out before the rain to Homestead Farm for the first weekend of apple-picking, so we got into dementordelta's car (since the van was still in the shop needing nearly $900 of repairs to the hub assembly of the wheel, whatever that means) since we could all fit in there much more easily than the Corolla. We picked apples and peaches and visited the farm animals, then went to California Tortilla for lunch since Daniel had requested it -- he hasn't yet been to the one on Route 1 in College Park.

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Daniel wanted to chill out and play video games in the afternoon while Adam was at cross country practice, so Delta and I watched last year's mediocre Jane Eyre and then The Accidental Husband since she hadn't seen it...a reasonably entertaining movie except that the central gimmick, that Uma Thurman might prefer an obnoxious Jeffrey Dean Morgan to a devoted Colin Firth, is utterly implausible unless Colin is gay. We drove Daniel back to College Park after dinner, where Maryland has just beaten Miami in their season opener, so that, at least, is good news.